In the years from 1951 to 1973, the transit route Hamburg – Berlin was a country road, the F5, which led through villages and towns of the GDR. The shiny Western cars that drove through the narrow streets day and night and were not allowed to stop were part of life. The teachers admonished: Don’t beg and wave at the F5. For the transit travelers, our places were gray backdrops. For us, this scenery was living commercial television: the Sarottimoor, well-frilled ladies’ heads, businessmen in ties. Every now and then the transit passengers threw chocolate from the car. Sometimes, secretly, we picked up such a ball of silver paper and put the pieces of chocolate into our mouths.

light desk: documentary photos. Monitor or projection with black and white video work: F5 (link to video). Photo work, 100×140 cm: “Teddy”, Sarotti-Mohr (advertising figure), map Transit street, video frame with advertising spots (Sarotti).
Shown: “Transit” Pasinger Fabrik, 2009, Wegemuseum Wusterhausen, 2011.

Drive on the F5 through Kyritz. This video is part of the installation “Transit F5”.

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