Barbara Wolff, Biografie, Warnemünde, 1985


Stations of experience become mirrors of time. Turning points, crossroads, stages create their own symbols. Thus, the memory shapes the images – or better: the images shape the memory. The analysis of existing images is an analysis of personal choices. The pictures are own documents of time. The photographs were taken as single images. The story develops only through the factor of time. The selection happens now, today’s view of these images is time-subjective.

B/W photographs 1973 – 1989, silver gelatin prints, 18×24 to 30×40 cm
Shown: Burghausen 2006 (selection), Warnemünde 2005 (selection), Collection Regard Berlin 2017, Belém Brazil 2019.

Published: Book on Demand “Biografie”, 2012, 2015