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My series “Angels” is shown in excerpts.

In the monotheistic religions, angels are regarded as mediators between heaven and earth. While the male angel figure prevailed in the visual arts for a long time, child angels (putti) were also found in the Baroque period and, from the 19th century onwards, more and more female angels.
Angels deliver both good and bad news; they can act as personal guardian angels or, in a military sense, as angels of peace.
Far beyond its cultural and religious significance, we encounter the figure of the angel in everyday culture wherever there are boundaries between reality and dream.
Whether as artistic figures in the visual arts, in films or in popular legends and fairy tales, they mediate between day and night, good and evil.
They proclaim paradise in erotic clubs. Angel costumes are often to be seen in the transversal club scene or on Christopher Street Day and stand not least for diversity.
Angels, understood as “genderless beings”, also dissolve the boundaries between the masculine and the feminine in their depictions.