An autobiographical picture story from the Erzgebirge
1977 – 1980

The exhibition reflects life in the years 1977 – 1980 in an old house in Hutha in the Erzgebirge. Back then, Barbara Wolff and her boyfriend moved from the big city to the tiny village to lead an alternative country life.
Like a time capsule that has been broken open, the black and white images tell of the photographer’s melancholy love for her old house. She portrays people from the village of Hutha, which consists of just 12 houses, and observes the inhabitants of Hutha as they harvest their potatoes. But the photographs also show the children from the city who spent their vacations here away from political tutelage at children’s clubs.
But the paradise was broken, the spruce trees in the ridge forest died in the sulphurous air. Ultimately, the political rebellion against the environmental catastrophe also led to the failure of the life plan.

The black and white photographs, mostly vintage prints, are being shown for the first time.
The limited-edition documentary “HUTHA, BARBARA WOLFF” will accompany the show,
Format A5, 48 pages, 44 photographs.

Exhibition 18.11.2023 – 14.01.2024
Gallery Alles Mögliche / Eric Pawlitzky
Odenwaldstr. 21, 12161 Berlin