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Salon Photographique of Collection Regard on 11.03.2021 with Barbara Wolff, Hans-Michael Koetzle and Marc Barbey (Zoom Video).


19.2.–18.6. 2021
Curated by Marc Barbey

Barbara Wolff photographed the city of Berlin between 2018 and 2020 and promptly posted these shots on Instagram. Her images capture the essence of the moment, however fleeting it may be. These works, which are printed by the photographer using an internegative as classic baryte prints, beautifully combine the digital and analog worlds. Her work goes beyond the documentation of an objective reality and shows the quivering and the silent Berlin.

The book “METROPOLIS, BERLIN” is published byLunik Berlin Verlag with a foreword by Marc Barbey.

Collection Regard / Marc Barbey
Steinstraße 12, 10119 Berlin
TEL: +49 (0)30 84711947
Sponsored by the Foundation Kunstfonds // Neu Start Kultur

Photography concert on 26.02.2021 by Stephan Graf von Bothmer
Online Vernissage

Metropolis / Collection Regard – Film by Matthias Leupold for Foto TV