The Stuttgart Media University awards the German Photo Book Prize 21 l 22 in the category
“Conceptual-artistic photo book” in silver METROPOLIS, BERLIN

Barbara Wolff, Metropolis Berlin


2018 – 2020. Pictures of Berlin, first shown only on Instagram, are now published in a photo book. 136 pages 21 x 28 cm, 104 black and white photographs in triplex print, hardcover with cloth.
Published by LUNIK BERLIN Verlag. Barbara Wolff: METROPOLIS, BERLIN. ISBN 978-3-9822385-0-0
The book will receive the Deutschen Fotobuchpreis in Silver.

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From the preface to the book
“In her almost daily walks, preferably on foot, Barbara Wolff creates photographs with a metaphysical dimension in which she captures the essence of the moment, however fleeting it may be. Her work goes beyond the documentation of an objective reality. In capturing the moments, Wolff displays an extraordinary sense of composition, complemented by a great sensitivity that allows her to uncover multiple levels of life, or one might say consciousness, in relation to her subjects.”
Marc Barbey

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